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How HS Hockey Team Scored Big Bucks

Published on: 2017-01-12 09:26:31

There's no fun in fundraising. It's a lot of work, and takes time many coaches, parents and organizational leaders don't have anymore. And the worst part? Traditional fundraising methods - selling pizzas, taco feeds, apparel sales, discount cards, etc. — just don’t generate the cash flow needed to keep a team, club, or organization in the black these days.

But thanks to advances in technology, youth, high school and college sports organizations can use crowdfunding to raise more money than ever and do less work at the same time.

That's what the Cambridge Ringe and Latin School hockey team just found out. The Dedham, MA program partnered with Reaching Our Goal to generate over $9,000 in contributions in a couple of weeks. All of it came through a simple, easy to use online system that's set up for success.

The money earned will allow the Falcons to purchase team gear - reducing the costs parents have to pay out of pocket. Funds will also be used to pay for awards, and for the season-ending team banquet. All of that can help turn a good season into a great one.

“We exceeded our goal, quickly raised a lot of much needed money and spent essentially no time getting it done," said Christopher Watson, head coach of the Cambridge Ringe and Latin High School hockey team. “That’s as good as it gets in fundraising."

What’s the secret? It’s that sites like ReachingOurGoal directly connect athletes with the people around the country who care about them and make it easy to contribute, rather than to people who happen to live in the same zip code but have no emotional connection.

“Communities across the country are suffering from ‘fundraising fatigue’ as local teams, bands, scouts, etc. keep knocking on the same doors trying to sell things that fewer and fewer people need or want," says Jon Goldman, the founder of “We make it easier to reach an Aunt or close family friend a thousand miles away than to knock on a neighbor’s door. And guess who will be more supportive?”

"Discount cards, candles, candy, frozen pizza, subscriptions, t-shirts, are just not that appealing anymore,” says Goldman. “Plus, most of the profit from selling products goes to the supplier instead of to the team that really needs the funds. Crowdfunding is just a smarter, easier and more modern way to go these days.”

It’s easy to see the advantages of an online donation platform like ReachingOurGoal versus traditional team fundraising methods, like door to door selling. But are there differences among crowdfunding platforms themselves? How does Reaching Our Goal match up against sites like GoFundMe, for example?

The short answer is that ReachingOurGoal is designed specifically for teams to use. It’s a minimum effort/maximum return approach. Coaches and athletes don’t have to push or promote anything on Reaching Our Goal and they don’t have to go back to their campaign multiple times to post updates.

GoFundMe on the other hand, bills itself as the “world’s largest personal fundraising platform." If you are trying to raise money for a medical emergency, natural disaster, college tuition or a friend who’s hit hard times, GoFundMe is awesome so long as you are willing to invest a lot of time to push, prod and promote your campaign on social media. Coaches and athletes just don't have time for that.

“I'd absolutely recommend to other coaches here at CRLS as well as my coaching colleagues around the region," said Watson. “The staff and people easy to work with, setting up our campaign was a breeze and the results speak for themselves."

If your team can put thousands of extra dollars to good use, here’s a link to learn more about how to a launch a painless and profitable crowdfunding campaign.

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