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You get an instant custom home page for your campaign. Your team just adds emails of adults who care about them. We do the rest.

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We send waves of personalized emails to supporters. We've perfected the process through thousands of campaigns. It's hands-free and proven to work.

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You'll start receiving contributions from around the country. It can quickly add up to thousands of dollars yet you're not selling anything or knocking on doors.

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Coach Doug Soles - Great Oak HS Cross Country

Great Oak HS Cross Country

Raised over $13,000

"We're very happy with how much we brought in and how little we had to do to raise that kind of money."

Great Oak HS Wolfpack Cross Country

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about us

As pioneers in the field of team fundraising, we've always leveraged the crowd to make fundraising faster, easier and much more profitable than traditional methods. Over the last decade, we've continuously improved our system, raising millions for teams in every sport at every level of competition.

our team

Former coaches and athletes who understand why fundraising is important, why coaches don't like doing it, and how to make it work for you.

our service

Crowdfunding optimized for teams. Our hands-free platform minimizes effort and maximizes results.

our edge

A decade of experience in team fundraising and building connections between athletes and supporters.


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